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NewAg Partners
enables institutional investors to capture the financial benefits of agriculture as an asset class and generate significant environmental impact.

NEWS: NewAg Partners Ushers Goldman Sachs Investment and Merger of Columbia Fruit Packers and Frosty Packing (Global AgInvesting Article)

We provide investors with large-scale, climate positive, vertically integrated investment opportunities in regenerative agriculture as part of the global drive towards decarbonisation.



$ 2.4 b

Current Investment
Pipeline (May 2023)

9-20 % 

Target IRR

$ 50-600 m

Project Volume
CEO Detlef Schoen on           Regenerative Agriculture

CEO Detlef Schoen on Regenerative Agriculture

NewAg Partners was founded in 2019 with the vision of creating a leading investment platform for regenerative agriculture and sustainable agribusiness, capitalizing on the partners' farming, processing, risk management and private equity experience.

On behalf of institutional investors we source, aggregate, transact and manage large-scale investments in vertically integrated farming and agribusiness enterprises, driving a transformation towards climate positive food production through the adoption of regenerative production systems.

NewAg's business model is special in that it links up a small and cost efficient core team of partners with a large network of equally experienced and successful local operators providing on-demand boots on the ground support in our target geographies USA, Australia, Southern Europe and Uruguay.

NewAg Partners CEO Detlef Schoen
Never before has there been as much demand for private capital in the farming community, never before has there been such an opportunity to invest in an intrinsically cash-flowing asset class with intrinsically appreciating assets and the ability to combine financial with environmental returns.

Detlef Schoen
CEO, NewAg Partners

Agriculture is quickly evolving into a new asset class alongside real estate and infrastructure.

Applying regenerative farming practices and cutting-edge technologies, we are on a mission to transform agriculture from a significant net emitter of carbon to a carbon-negative, effective climate solution.

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